Because of the challenges we're facing, we desperately need extra classrooms and other resources to help us return back to a one shift school. This way, we can adequately prepare our students for the future. Currently, it is estimated that we are in need of 30 classrooms (including a study hall, a gymnasium, and an extension of all of our labs).

It is because of this dire need that we are appealing to our old girls, alumnae, friends far and near, donors, supporters, associates, and well-wishers to help us facilitate the erection of these additional classrooms and improve the facilities for the students.  

In 2017, the school won the award for best girls secondary school in Freetown, Sierra Leone.  Also, we were recognized by a media outlet in South Africa ( 947 in South Africa), as one of the top 100 best schools in Africa in 2015.

Our dear friends, supporters and well-wishers, it is this stellar reputation that we are trying to maintain. Our goal is to continue to provide good and quality education for our children. Would you please consider donating to the building fund to help us make a difference? Your contribution will not only help improve the current situation, it will also help improve the quality of education in Sierra Leone. There is no set amount you can give. Whatever you can afford will significantly make a difference, and together we can restore the quality of education current and future students deserve and the standard of the Methodist Girls' High School.

Thank you in advance for your contribution. May God bless you.