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The Methodist Girls’ High School is one of the leading and oldest secondary schools in Sierra Leone and one of the first few exclusively for girls in Freetown, capital of Sierra Leone.

The devastating Sierra Leone Civil War that lasted from 1991 to 2002 took the nation’s education system as an early casualty, wiping out 1,270 primary schools and forcing 67 percent of all school-aged children out of school in 2001. The civil war started in the 1980's and ended with a peace treaty reached between 1997-1999.  Almost two decades later, the educational system in Sierra Leone is still recovering from the destruction caused by the conflict. It has been a challenge; unfortunately, the Methodist Girls' High School has not been exempt from encountering challenges.

Due to the influx of girls from other parts of the country desiring quality education, the population of the school has increased to about 2,500 enrolled students. This forced the Board to establish a two-shift school system (morning and afternoon shifts). Each shift lasts for approximately 4 hours and 30 minutes.  The shifts are currently managed by two principals, Mrs. Daisy McWen and Mrs. Mary Jambai.

This situation has greatly impacted the school's curriculum and is impairing the students' ability to learn. The result is a steady decline in the quality of education the children receive. More


The Methodist Girls' High School was founded by Mr. James Taylor.

The first milestone was the opening of the Wesleyan Female Educational Institution on 1st January 1880, by a company of Sierra Leonean business men, incorporated during the previous year. In 1905, the school was handed over to the Wesleyan Missionary Society and continued to grow.

An Old Girls Association was then formed in 1905 to establish its existence.

The Methodist Girls' High School has contributed to the lives of thousands of women, who during their time there gained academic excellence and afterwards pursued distinction and now are prominent in religious, legal, social, medical, financial, educational, secretarial, political and administrative fields in Africa, Europe and America .

Many of these women have come together and formed alumnae associations in different parts of the world. This is a hub to all Methodist Girls' High School - Old Girls' Associations.

Featuring. . . Grand Chief Patrons Dr. Muriel Harris Mr. Paul Gegbe Thank you for gracing our Praise & Worship service




On 07.12.2020, all Old Girls' Associations and Alumnae Associations of the Methodist Girls' High School (Freetown, Sierra Leone) came together and joined in Praise and Worship for God’s saving mercies from the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Here are some of the highlights of that service.

MGHS Virtual Choir

Conductor & Videographer

Mr. Collins Pratt


Mr. Pierrindo Palmer

Mr. Adesina During

Blanche Munah Hyde

Carina Bayer

Celia Kargbo

Daniella Fowler

Elaine Hollist

Elaine Hume-Dawson

Eugenia During

Francetta Strasser-King

Georgianna Bangura

Glenna Moseray

Hulda Hunter

Irene Rashid

Jasmina Gilpin

Jeanette Lewis

Joyce Newland Zubairu

Juliet Kamama

Macleana Samuels

Molley Macauley

Muriel Thomas-Ige

Nadeline King

Priscilla Walker

Yvette Conell

The MGHS Legacies Our Virtual Parade Watch the entire video HERE