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Mrs. Fashu Dora Collier Sunrise - Aug 30, 1927 ~ Sunset - Sept 03, 2020


Her beauty and style are sight to behold,

Of a stalwart so passionate on what’s in her soul,

Proudly appointed the first African female

To head the MGHS for a score and six years.

With love and diligence, she could show and tell

The girls under her care with the substance in her head.

“What are you doing here?” A question you’d dread.

Her disciplinary norms cloaked her everyday move

The stride in her steps and clicked stilettos,

She gracefully strode the grounds of the School

Planted foundation seeds, that was so cool!

Excess love surrounded her in life

And now she’s dead, we recall her with pride.

Like the deep-rooted coconut tree soaring the sky

Its usefulness cannot be overemphasized.

The branches for shade and decorative leaves

Deliciously tasty, sumptuous coconut meal

With milky water, a refreshing drink,

The trunk so sturdy for a house to be built,

Don’t forget, the roots cure the sick.

The resourcefulness of this magnificent tree

Is equated to Fashu Collier’s Amazing Legacy.

By Gloria Sabina Allen

President, MGHS Alumnae Association

NY/NJ/CT/MA Branch.